Monitoring thought leadership and tracking the real industry trends

Founded in 2004, Attentio represents over a decade of market experience and cutting-edge algorithmic research into media monitoring and analysis, combined with a track record for deep industry expertise.

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  • Experience

    Attentio uses advanced machine learning algorithms to classify and identify key news and opinion. The Attentio team includes PhD-level data scientists who have developed unique methodologies which utilize the very latest in research technologies to analyze the world of industry media and social media.

  • Algorithms

    Our algorithms have been developed directly for the Attentio platform, drawing on decades of data science experience and a deep understanding of the media landscape.

  • Techniques

    We use a range of techniques around supervised and unsupervised machine learning to rapidly generate and maintain high quality, high volume classification and analysis pipelines.

  • Data

    Attentio acquires data from an enormous array of sources; tens or hundreds of thousands of individual news or opinion sources. This includes both those discovered by our proprietary news-gathering technology, as well as those selected and curated by our in-house industry experts, to match our industry profiles. We cross-reference this data against best-of-breed industry entity databases with reference to company records and accurate financial results.